War with the Salamanders在线观看

War with the Salamanders

  • 上映年代:2023  
  • 别名:La Guerre des salamandres / Juliette et les salamandres / The Islands of Salamanders / The Island of Salamanders
  • 类型:动画
  • 地区:法国
  • 更新时间:

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《War with the Salamanders》又名La Guerre des salamandres、Juliette et les salamandres、The Islands of Salamanders、The Island of Salamanders。

Washed up on a wild island with her father, Juliet, 11 years old, meets an astonishing giant salamander. The animal and its fellows have been vegetating on the nearby small island, surrounded by sharks. The girl and the beast become friends. However the old Isamu warned her: “if the salamanders are freed, they will invade the world…”